Michelle Wardian, president of the rapidly growing sportswear company Outdoor Research, needed to find a new Vice President of HR. More than simply finding a new staffer for an existing position, Michelle was seeking an entirely different skill set for this vital role-one that would involve long-term strategic planning at a transformative time for the company.


During her hunt for an HR recruitment expert who could handle such a demanding search, Michelle acted on the advice of a trusted friend and brought in Big Wave’s Chris Englin. Chris carefully studied the culture of the organization, and applied her well-honed intuition in understanding Outdoor Research’s business needs.


Outdoor Research found its ideal candidate, and thanks to Chris’ thoroughness, Michelle found the entire hiring process to go much more smoothly than expected. “She really took the burden off us,” says Michelle. “Chris has a way of making what is not a very fun search into something very comfortable, swift and pleasant.”

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