Chris Englin

HR, recruitment, & culture expert

Why does Chris Englin know just about everybody in Seattle-area HR?

Because she’s helped many get hired. And then they hire her to build out their teams.

That’s one powerful, Big-Wave ripple effect!

Chris knows that hiring the right people in HR roles is crucial for organizations to run effectively. And she knows that when HR functions are inclusive—when people of all backgrounds rise into the upper levels of HR—and everyone is valued, everything functions at its best.

After all, when you get HR right, you get your entire organization right.

Why partner with Chris Englin and Big Wave?

Meet Chris

Big Wave’s Chris Englin doesn’t just work and live in the Northwest—she serves it every day.

She regularly volunteers her time and resources for mission-driven nonprofits that make significant impacts—particularly those serving diverse, at-risk, and marginalized groups—in sectors including healthcare, education, housing, and child welfare.

“100% of the candidates we place into new roles feel connected to their new employer’s organizational purpose.”
–Big Wave Founder Chris Englin

The Big Wave Ripple Effect

We’re dedicated to supporting our community, our Ohana—in the language of the water,
our family beyond “blood” relatives:

of every full-time placement fee is invested back into our community to help fund housing, food insecurity, education, and youth programs


Pro-bono and reduced-fee searches for nonprofits