Case Study:


The Challenge

Open positions at the employee well-being company Limeade—with its stellar reputation and high visibility in the global HR community—naturally attract a high number of applicants. The real challenge? Finding that elusive needle in the HR haystack who, as Chief People Officer, delivers company growth via 1. A heightened culture-forward approach and 2. Proven abilities to expand globally via streamlined HR operations.

The Big Wave Approach

With a level of talent awareness that only someone who’s been in HR recruiting for decades can bring, Big Wave knew about an all-around superstar candidate whose unconventional background was making waves around town. Chris Englin introduced her to the Limeade team, noting how the candidate’s unique background would likely be just the ticket for this stage in the organization’s growth.

The Results

Limeade agreed she was ideal for the role….and after the candidate was hired as CPO, company founder and CEO Henry Albrecht explained the multiple reasons his company relies on Big Wave for HR recruiting: “We needed someone who gets the essence of our culture. And hiring this new head of HR via Big Wave was among our top 3-5 best hires ever. Our HR team is now smaller and more productive—and we’re getting 2x more done with 30% less spend. Chris Englin has the flexibility, intellect, common sense, and likeability to study our culture-forward environment, and clearly understands the type of talent who will excel here. She has her finger on the pulse of regional HR talent. Chris cares deeply about her domain—she’s a consultant, not a salesperson—her work doesn’t seem like ‘just a paycheck’ for her. She’s at or near the top of recruiters we’ve worked with.”

Limeade was acquired by WebMD in 2023.

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