Case Study:


The Challenge

Millions of gamers worldwide know Pokémon, the global gaming brand. So when positions open up, many clamor to apply at this cool place to work. Yet only a tiny slice of these are the right candidates—those fully capable of handling the company’s complex HR needs in a competitive, creative, dynamic, and fast-moving sector. For this project, the company didn’t just need a few people, though: they needed to build an entire HR team from the top down.

The Big Wave Approach

Irene Shimizu, VP of HR for Pokémon, knew she could fully trust Big Wave’s Chris Englin for this challenge. So it was Game On! Chris tapped her deep knowledge of the local talent pool, carefully and patiently evaluating candidates in the context of the company’s culture. In some cases, Chris advised Irene to bring in fractional HR experts to help the team evolve to the next level.

The Results

Pokémon’s work with Big Wave resulted in forming a complete HR group, staffed with professionals who truly “get” the hiring needs of this fast-moving tech and gaming company. Irene is quick to recommend Chris Englin and Big Wave to other innovative companies in the Northwest market, saying, “I would refer Chris without a doubt. She’s awesome.”

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