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Diverse Business Team

Big Wave Recruiting: Your Search Firm for Human Resources Leaders

At the forefront of any successful organization is its human resources team. Not only do these leading positions influence your company culture, but they help drive your organization forward into the future.

Big Wave Recruiting specializes in sourcing top-tier talent within corporations and non-profits with a customized and collaborative approach.

Our search firm believes in giving back, and as a part of our Big Wave ripple effect, 5% of every placement fee goes back into the Seattle community, focusing on food insecurity, housing, education, and youth programs. When our community succeeds, we succeed. This is the mindset we bring to every client’s executive search, looking for long-lasting candidates and accessing talent pools that might be otherwise hidden or emerging to find a true fit.

In addition to investing in our local community, we provide pro-bono and reduced-fee searches for non-profit organizations, ensuring that charitable organizations can achieve their missions and goals by sourcing the right talent at the right time.

What is the Role of Your Recruiter?

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At Big Wave Recruiting, the role of our HR Executive Recruiters plays an integral part in sourcing, identifying, and recruiting your prospective candidates. Whether we work directly with a point of contact in your organization or with an entire search committee, your recruitment professional will be the point of contact in charge of conducting initial interviews, checking references, and vetting candidates for their first interview with the organization itself. Once you are ready to interview our prospective candidates, we will work with your team on the best interview process resulting in choosing the right individual for the position. From offer negotiation to onboarding, we will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Executive position changes can be a challenging time in many organizations. Our staff aim to provide the best experience for both the organization and the candidate.

Find the Right Candidate and Hire a Leader

At Big Wave Recruiting, we work to match your company with the right person, ensuring you onboard a leader, not just another worker. Finding the right choice for the position can be a transformative experience for your company. Before searching for candidates, we collaborate with you to better understand your organization, the responsibilities of the role, and the reasons you are looking for an executive employee. This strategy ensures that our team is aligned with your organization and understands the further purpose of why a candidate might be a good fit to help drive your mission and vision forward.

Our comprehensive recruiting process is strategic and straightforward but tailored to the needs of your company. We focus on finding the talent and characteristics that make each individual a good culture fit for your organization, ensuring we are not simply filling a position, but matching you with an HR executive who has the ambition to join your company as a longstanding part of their career path.

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Discover Hidden Talent

One advantage of hiring Big Wave Recruiting as your executive search partner is our ability to discover and include hidden talent such as non-traditional or emerging leaders that might otherwise go unnoticed. We recognize that these candidates are often the ones who excel in executive positions and complement your existing leadership and culture. These pools are notoriously difficult to access without specialized sourcing expertise, which is where our team comes in, meticulously matching candidates with organizations in both skillset and personality.

What Does an HR Executive Do?

On paper, an HR executive is responsible for managing a company’s human resources division, often leading an HR department, and influencing its strategic direction. The HR manager and other HR specialists in the department are often the ones that implement the initiatives and programs the HR executive prioritizes and designs

In these executive positions, it is essential to choose the right person for the role both in terms of experience and leadership style. HR executives are the people responsible for hiring, training, and engaging employees, all while ensuring the company is compliant with labor laws. HR professionals may also be needed during critical times to manage internal or external situations where social or legal obligations come into play.

This position can be demanding and requires a keen sense of dedication and diligence, which is why it’s essential to hire the right person for the position. You need someone who truly cares about the organization and its mission, not someone looking for a job to clock out of at the end of the day.

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What is the Next Step for Executives?

With executives being at the top of their career, advancement options for advancement based on the HR Executive’s objectives, including how long they want to continue working, what type of company they want to work for or what business objective they want to accomplish in the rest of their career. The position may go from a VP of HR to a Chief HR Officer. If moving to a larger company, the HR Executive might lead an area of specialization or take on global responsibilities. Moving to a company in another industry is also a way for an HR Executive to grow and expand their professional knowledge. Companies can also benefit from new ideas and approaches to HR from having this seasoned leader join their team. 

When looking to place an HR Executive role, you may have someone internal who has been showing interest in the position ahead of its vacancy. In order to broaden your candidate pool and find the right fit, you can engage a search firm to bring new candidates to you as well as consider internal hires in your interview process and hiring decision.

These internal hires will have shown their interest in HR by looking for opportunities to work on projects that provide experience in talent management, organizational design, or compensation. If these opportunities are not available, they may also learn from other HR professionals how different pieces of the department connect and how HR influences the full employee lifecycle. It is also common for interested candidates to seek mentors and other sources for honing their business acumen, either inside or outside the organization. Considering these candidates for the position is a strong way to foster employee growth within the company.

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Seattle’s Best Executive Search Firm

At Big Wave Recruiting, we strive to provide the right services to every organization we work with. No two organizations are the same, and that means that no two services will be completely the same. While we provide executive search recruitment as a service, we go above and beyond the expected to stand behind our community values. We believe that it’s important that each of our clients receive the care and commitment they deserve, as the right HR placements are a key factor in driving your business objectives forward.

We strive to find candidates that are ambitious and manage your HR initiatives effectively together, dedicated to your mission. By working with Big Wave Recruiting, you are not just making a hiring decision, you are investing in your company’s future achievements and the wellbeing of your organizational culture.

Let us help you find the right candidate and discover a leader who will not only manage your human resources needs and lead the company’s objectives, but strive for your organization’s overall growth and success.


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