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HR Executive Search Seattle

How Does an Executive Search Work?

Each prospective candidate undergoes an intense screening process, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are presented for your consideration. This process includes in-depth interviews, skill assessments, and behavioral analysis to guarantee a perfect fit for your organization in both skill and culture alignment.

At Big Wave Recruiting, we are involved in every aspect of the hire, from helping you determine the role scope, to identifying the candidates and sourcing talent from emerging and hidden talent pools, to onboarding and post-placement follow-up.

Are you ready to see the difference our team can make for your organization?

Big Wave’s Process for an HR Executive Search in Seattle

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For HR executive searches, we tailor our approach to your organization’s unique needs, first understanding what you are looking for in a candidate.

After that, our process can follow different paths depending on how it best aligns with your goals. We work with you as a partner, not just as a client, ensuring our goals are aligned for the future. With successful case studies and testimonials from companies from across the northwest, including highly-visible organizations such as GE Healthcare, Krusteaz, and Pokémon, we understand that a correct placement is essential.

Your Organization’s Needs

Your organization’s needs – both current and future – are an essential component of determining the position and ideal candidate for the search. Especially with executive search, which tends to be much more discreet than the average recruiting process, it’s important to have a concrete idea of the organization’s needs before the search begins.

We have a unique 5-step approach to uncovering your dream team that we go through prior to launch, no matter what you are looking for in a candidate. We work with established, early-stage, and non-profit companies alike, each with the unique challenges and benefits that come to the search process.

As an organization that boasts a 30-day average hire from launch to accepted offer, we use this time pre-launch to align tightly with your organization’s beliefs so that we can pinpoint exactly which candidates would fit the role for your organization.

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Onboarding and Follow-Up

100% dedicated to finding you the right hire, our team doesn’t stop working with you when we place a candidate. After onboarding, we follow-up with your organization to learn how the candidate has settled into their position, and how the organization has benefited from the placement.

We believe this dedicated effort, even post-placement and onboarding, has helped our team create an ongoing partnership with our clients, resulting in 82% repeat customers.

When organizations have grown and are ready for their next placement, they come back to us. With the historical information we’ve gathered from the first placement, the more candidates placed with Big Wave, the better and more streamlined the process becomes.

We can’t wait to hear from you and see how your organization grows. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our 5-step discovery process.

What is the Difference Between Staffing, Headhunting, and Executive Search?

Staffing agencies are known for filling roles quickly, with a focus on quantity, not quality. Headhunters will seek out talent for highly specialized positions, but the process can take a long time. Executive search firms like Big Wave Recruiting go beyond these methods.

One of the biggest differences between executive search and recruiting, staffing, and headhunting is that an executive search firm operates on an exclusive client-centered basis. This means that the number of engagements we work on at any given time is limited, allowing us to give you our full attention during this critical process for your company.

We don’t just fill positions but align high-impact leaders with your organization’s long-term objectives. Our goal is to see your company succeed. We achieve results that matter for your organization, taking the time to purposefully create an understanding of your needs, and even helping you determine employee profiles and role scope for potential candidates.

We aren’t just another company. We are your partner in executive HR placement.

Instead of Filling a Role, Place a Leader

We believe that when you get HR right, you get the entire organization right. When you place a leader in an HR executive position, you are trusting in that professional to lead your workforce through policy decisions, workforce management, talent acquisition, and company compliance standards.

At Big wave, we don’t just fill positions – we place thoughtful leaders that match your company’s personality, who are motivated to drive your mission forward. Our approach to the trusted HR executive search Seattle has learned to depend on begins with truly understanding your organization’s unique needs. Once we understand what you need in a candidate, we look for the talent that matches in style just as much as skill, even in emerging or non-traditional talent pools.

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Hidden Talent and Diverse Candidates

Our commitment to your organization includes placing individuals that meet your role criteria and come from a variety of backgrounds and provide unique perspectives that benefit your organization’s mission or overall business trajectory.

We know how to identify candidates from diverse and non-traditional talent pools that fit your organization’s needs in skill and personality alike. These fresh perspectives bring innovative ideas to your team, propelling your business forward into the future, and help your organization become more flexible and adaptive to industry trends and changes.  

Why Clients Partner with Us  

Organizations like you choose to work with Big Wave Recruiting because we understand what’s at stake for your business. When you place an HR executive, you are placing a professional that shapes your entire organization, which is why it is critical to get the right candidate in the right seat.

Our team is known for our strategic approach and customized solutions, helping find the most transformative leaders in the industry who are ready to propel your business forward.

Expertise In Seattle, WA – With a Global Reach

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At Big Wave, our roots and community are in Seattle, WA, but our reach and insights are global.

With a unique blend of local expertise and a global perspective, we work to bring you the best candidates from hidden and emerging talent pools that are otherwise undiscoverable to the average company. As your trusted firm for senior-level and executive positions, we know that by placing a leader for your company, we are partnering with your organization directly to help shape its future, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We believe that by focusing on improving the community and businesses around us, we can make a change in the world on a global scale, which is why we focus on both companies and non-profits in the Seattle and greater northwest region.

Discover the Big Wave Difference

An executive search is an important part of your business’ trajectory, creating an opportunity for new talent and emerging perspectives to take root, propelling your organization into the future as a leader in your industry. That’s why it’s essential to find the right candidate for the right seat in your business, allowing them to enhance not just your team, but the culture of your organization.

With Big Wave, you’ll experience the difference that an individually tailored HR executive search in Seattle can make. Our framework emphasizes our community-focused approach, designed to attract top HR leadership that align with your organization’s vision and values. Get in touch with us today to start a conversation and find the right talent for your company.


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